Hi friends :) Well, today (August 15th) is my birthday and I wanted to do a little follow forever to show you all how appreciative I am for all of you and for everyone who follows me. This isn’t a specific follower count follow forever, it’s just because I love all of you. This is a smaller follow forever, but these are just the people who I absolutely adore and who have always been kind towards me. If you’re not on this, please please don’t be offended.

- best friends
holyziegler ++ liamlukasiak ++ madizonziegler ++ heyziegler

lovely people -
swiftlukasiak ++ the-hylands ++ hyl4nd
palebluepink ++ abbyleeskids ++ lukasiaktilts
avacota + aldcdarlings ++ lovinglukasiak

Once again, I love you guys and you people are amazing.
xoxo, Erin

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where can i get hq videos of last nights dances bc maybe thats my problem


kiddancers challenge: day 3

favourite blogs - liamlukasiak heyziegler chloenicoleziegler brookiemaries

Thank you (:

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when you use to think someone was super original, but then you find all of their stuff on deviant art

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⠀“ everyone has a dark side, do you love me, do you love mine? ”

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your edits are so perfect 😍😍

ash thank you so much, they are far from perfect, but thanks for making me smile <3

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I can see you like everyone but kendall ..... Bitch

ah I don’t post Kendall often so I don’t like her )))::: LOL I am glad that me not posting a lot of Kendall brings you to the conclusion of me hating her hahah

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okay then

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Dark Vibrance psd!


-selective color

-color balance


All layers are adjustable!

Please like or reblog if you plan on using this!




KEEELLEEEEEEE aka my tumblr BFF who I lost touch with. God bless she taught me how to photoshop everything I know (which is very little cause I’m dumb). Like she knows so much about like everything in my life OMG. Oh and also she’s like the best editor ever and I love her bunches like but you all probably do too. Miss you and our random facetimes


You're recent "The Last Text" edit gives me life 😍😂

Awh your sweet messages give me life :D

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season 1 solos- maddie and chloe

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Maddie fans this, Chloe fans that.
Quite frankly, I DONT CARE.

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